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Black Edition Apple Lightning

Explore the latest USB-C to Lightning snapmag cable with quick charge up to 27W and an all-black design, featuring a sleek, durable black aluminum plug. Its 1.5-meter cable length makes it ideal for all Apple Lightning devices up to iPhone 14. Enjoy rapid data transfer, robust aluminum connectors, and fireproof durability.

snapmag magnetic USB C cable illustration


Experience lightning-fast charging and data transfers with snapmag's magnetic USB-C cables made for iPhone and all Apple products using the lightning technology.

Our durable, tangle-free design ensures longevity, while the innovative magnetic feature keeps your cables neatly organized.

The Next Era of Charging Technology!



With our revolutionary integrated magnetic technology, snapmag cables can be easily coiled and neatly stored without tangling. Roll them to any desired size for innovative and highly functional use.

27W Power

Quick Charge

Fast Charge for all Apple Lightning devices, including iPhones, AirPods, iPads, and more. Power up swiftly with our versatile USB-C to Lightning cables. Please note that 27W is the maximum an iPhone (up to model 14) can handle.

480 MBps

Rapid Data Transfer

Our advanced USB-C cables redefine data speed benchmarks for all devices, including iPhones and Apple USB-C products up to 2023. Sync and transfer at unmatched speeds.

Stay Organized!

Discover more than just style with our snapmag cable. Swipe to see its versatility in action!

Big cable mess




Hesitating? Wait and see why our cables are a game-changer!

Built-In Magnets for Easy Cable Rolling
Complies with Universal USB-C Specifications
3A Fast Charging and Quick Data Transfer
Compatible with Apple CarPlay for iPhone
Durable Nylon, PTE, and LCP for Better Safety
Streamlined, Tangle-Free Design
Playful and sleek, a cable you'll love to use

Fast, Powerful, and Tidy Charging

Find Your Perfect Charge: Top-Tier Cable with Flexible Braided Nylon Protection.

USB C cable split open

Durable Nylon Braided Cable Covering

The snapmag cable boasts a stylish and attractive design, enhancing its aesthetic appeal, while also being built to last for long-term use.

LCP Enhanced

Featuring a PTE inner cable mantle, our design adds an extra layer of protection against damage, maintaining flexibility without sacrificing safety

27W 3A Fast-Charging Copper Cables

Discover our high-quality copper cables, designed for 3A 27W fast charging and quick data transfer. Reliable and efficient, they deliver peak performance every time.

Enhanced Durability and Safety

Our cable is designed with a PTE inner mantle, offering added protection against damage while retaining flexibility, ensuring both safety and durability.

Holding a USB C cable made for Apple products


Experience advanced connectivity with our USB-C to Lightning cables, engineered to meet Apple standards using Lightning technology.

These cables are perfect for charging a wide range of devices, including iPhones (up to iPhone 14), AirPods, iPads, and more. Stay up-to-date with technology by choosing the most sophisticated cable available for your Apple devices up to 2023.

Already 12'000+ satisfied Customers around the World use snapmag.

We love our Customers – here are some reviews.


Cat-Approved Tech

My 😸 is the ultimate cable critic, but she gives Snapmag two paws up. Either she's in awe of its sleek design, or she knows it’s too high-tech for her antics. Either way, it’s a win for me! 😅


Retired from the Tangle Game

My morning ritual used to be untangling my old charger. Now, with this new cable, I get straight to jamming on my commute. It’s like upgrading from a flip phone to a smartphone.


Magnetic Magic Attraction + SPEED

Playing with this cable all day while not using it. But when using it, UNREAL charging speed! Side effect; attracts girls in my class – My friends are jealous, and I’m loving it!


Suddenly I'm the family tech hero

Who knew a cable could turn you into a household legend? Charging at the speed of light, and I’m not even exaggerating.

No More Cable Chaos – it's a true game changer!! 😱😍

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